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R.J. DeNardo’s Fantastical Sci-Fi Novel

Out of Chaos Comes Hope!

The Sci-Fi Adventure of the Ages, part III

An Intense Sci-Fi Fantasy Novel by, R.J. DeNardo; A must read!  It’ll take you back to where you’ve been before.”

Hard Cover- 6x9 - 694 pages - $44.50  E-Book  $9.99

ISBN: 978-1-63135-859-3, ISBN / SKU: 1-63135-859-6

Out of Chaos Comes Hope is a Sci-Fi Fantasy novel about the somewhat buffoonish and former United League of Planet's Captain, Robert Michael Calyx, his adventures and misadventures, not only upon prehistoric/futuristic Earth, but also on other planets scattered throughout various nearby and faraway Galaxies, as well.  

This adventuresome story further goes on to describe, how Robie, a now highly sought after and wanted fugitive by the United League of Planets and the Aurelian Empire, is transported back unto Earth, through time and space, with the help of his Alien cohorts and with the use of a Myrddissian Time and Space Continuum Device,  some 800,000 years.

Yes, unto the ancient and fabled continent of Atlantis, where he, Robie, with the assistance of the Atlantean high priests, ruling class and their greatly advanced and Alien provided technology; he is able to begin, once again, his extensive and sometimes fraught with danger, search for his missing father, Emrys Myrddin Calyx.

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