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R.J. DeNardo’s Fantastical Sci-Fi Novel

The Andromeda Incident

The Sci-Fi Adventure of the Ages!

“An Intense Sci-Fi Fantasy Novel by, R.J. DeNardo; that'll take you where no Being has been before.”

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Soft Cover - 6x9" - 284 pages - $16.99    E-Book  $9.99

 ISBN:  978-1-61897-148-7, ISBN / SKU: 1-61897-148-4

This Sci-fi Fantasy Novel gives a whole new meaning to the word “Galacti-Sexual.” Emrys Myrddin Calyx was born aboard the Starship Americus to a weak-willed and somewhat frail Earthling father and a black panther-like humanoid, Myrrddissian mother. Emrys was created experimentally to be double-sexed, and can change sexes at will, via a telepathic command.


The Andromeda Incident (or Out of Chaos Comes Hope!) will reveal unto you, in great detail, all about the mixed-up life Emrys lives, plus his adventures and misadventures in the 12th and 21st Centuries.


Wander the universe with Emrys, as he uses a time/space continuum device to journey to the devastated planets of Mars and Earth, just before both human and alien-caused cataclysmic events occur. This startling adventure was 900 years in the making!

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