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Sun-Ergy Therapy Plus +

DreamTyme: Professional Art, Photography & Design, is a full service Custom Art, Graphics & Design business; but also provides a professionally Green-screen equipped Private Indoor/Outdoor In-home Studio, that not only professionally does Artistic/Erotic Male Nude Photography & Personal Family Portraits, but also, masterly photographs all sorts of varied Artwork, of all shapes & sizes, as well. Photographic Fees: $35.00 per hour and up. Downloading, Digital Manipulation & Transferring of images onto a CD fees: $25.00 per 30 images.

You can Order and Purchase any beautifully designed Note & Greeting Cards, plus other Dream-Tyme, EroArtica and Art-Photo-Graphic Products, such as Yogaerobicise Instructional Videos, Calendars, Mouse-pads, T-shirts, etcetera.  All Dream-Tyme products and images are customizable to your personal specifications.

You can also Browse, Choose and Order from hundreds of Original Photographic and Acrylic on Canvas Artwork/Images via this website’s Art-work Purchasing Information box located on this page. And remember that all of these images are skillfully and magnificently digitized and reproduced by professional photographer R.J. DeNardo himself. Check out more of Ron’s images on Flckr. Just click on the Flickr logo below and go!



All Images/Photographs/Products are the sole property of Ronald J. DeNardo, DreamTyme Art- Photo - Graphics and are copyrighted as of © 2014. Theretofore, please be aware that all rights are reserved! So, please do not copy, download or reproduce any Dream-Tyme images amd movies without prior approval from DreamTyme Art-Photo-Graphics and or Ronald J. DeNardo himself.

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