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So, Are You Actually Healthy?

Your response to this question is more likely based on whether you suffer from any sort of symptoms from a particular dis-ease or nagging malady or if you just put-up-with chronic stress, tension, aches and pains, that never seems to ever quite go away. If you are one of the lucky ones that don’t, then you are somewhat healthy and in “good shape”. Unfortunately, conditioning from childhood on, that the majority of us have grown up with, has characterized health as the absence of illness or of dis-ease.

The words health, heal and holy are all derived from the Anglo-Saxon word questions come to mind that directly and accurately address the issue of optimum health.

Are you satisfied with your life, the way it currently is? And does it feel good to be alive? Being truly healthy is far more than simply a matter of not feeling/being sick. It is the daily experience of wholeness and balance-a state of homeostasis, of being fully alive in spirit, mind and body. Such a state of well-being could also be called optimal, or Holistic Health. Assisting you to achieve this state of total well-being is the primary interest of my monthly Helpful Holistic Hints. Think about it!

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ExtramundaneTherapy Plus; is a form of Wholistic Light, Sound, Energy & Heat Therapeutics, that not only promotes Spiritual, Intellectual, Psychological, Emotional and Physical Homeostasis (Balance); Non-stress, Equilibrium, Grounding, Youthfulness, but also Self-healing and Well-being of an individual's and The Earth’s, spirit, mind and body.

"Helping People help themselves heal

their Bodies, Minds & Spirits"