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Sun-Ergy Therapy Plus +


 Empowerment Circle



These, Suggested Donation Based and Individual Therapeutic Instructional Classes, facilitated by the professional Wholistic Therapist Ron DeNardo are to be offered Sunday through Saturday beginning at 8:00 a.m. until the last class at 5:00 p.m. Classes will be held at either the Therapist's private, secluded and quiet; outdoor or in-door locally located home and or at another attendee's home. Students will determine a day, time they'd like to attend, and how long they would like to continue such instruction and practice classes. These suggested donation, 1 and 1/2-hour sessions include a 1 hour professional wholistic massage and energy-work session given by the Therapist himself, followed by 1/2 hour; therapist directed practice session by the student upon the Therapist. The nominal requested donation for this class is $25.00 per person & per class.

Please note, all of Ron's Therapy-plus Wholistic, Shamanic Massage Therapy Services, Yogaerobicise & Qi Gong are all available as either individual and or Group Instructional Classes, Workshops and Seminars. These easy-going weekend programs, workshops and or individual educational courses, are all personally taught by Ron DeNardo himself. They can be either taught at your own private facility, in your home and or at Ron's Therapy-plus’ Healing in-home Studio.

All wholistic related classes, programs and workshops will be held 12/7 schedule, at a pre-selected public facility, retreat and or in private homes. These ongoing holistic classes, programs and workshops are limited to five individuals only. So hurry up and sign-up today.

Wholistic & Therapeutic Classes, etc.

Tarot/SpellBoard Reading

The Men's Yogaerobicise class, is clothing optional 45 minute to 1 hour group and or individual, Yoga-like and easy to do, gentle, easy to learn and practice class, which uses both ancient and modern Wholistic techniques & modalities to help participants attain new levels of spirit, mind and body awareness, better health and blissfulness. Other Wholistic related therapeutic techniques and modalities that will be offered during these classes, include: Guided Meditation and Deep Breathing. Classes and programs and workshops will be held and usually taught on a 12/7schedule, either in a private home, retreat or campground. Fees for these classes are $20 per person and or per class. Items to bring, is a Yoga Mat, a set of 2-3 pound weights, Towel and Water.

Tao-chi Kiung (Qi-Gong)  Qi/Chi, as in Qi-gong/Chi-Kng, which literally means "life energy," is the animating power that permeates the universe and all living things; for no life could exist without it. Furthermore, Qi/Chi has the power to heal the body and mind. Gong means "working with." Thus, Qi-gong means "working with the energy of life," enhancing the Qi/Chi, and learning how to release and balance the flow of Qi/Chi evenly throughout energy pathways called meridians, which run through every part of the body. By increasing the Qi Chi through coordinating movement with breathing, Qigong/Chi Kung improves health and the harmony of mind, body and spirit. A 45-60 minute session is: $45.00.

This Men’s only Shamanic Empowerment Circle, Vision Quest and Everyday Tao Learning and Study Group: is a Clothing Optional, Ancient Celtic, Native American and other Indigenous Shamanic Training Empowerment Circle.

These weekend class circles can and will usually include Drumming, Fluting, Rattling, Sage and Sweet grass Smudging, Energy-Work, Spirit Journeying, Vision Questing, Therapeutic Touch & a Talking Stick session. A nominal donation of $15.00 per person, per class and or circle is kindly suggested.

Intuitive Tarot Card and Enchanted Spell-Board Reading, A Suggested donation of $35.00 per hour, is kindly requested.