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Sun-Ergy Therapy Plus +


Wholistic & Therapeutic Services.


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Ronald J. DeNardo    

Tel: 760-980-2078
Cell: 760-449-4203


Dowsing/Divining Services

Ron’s Holistic Therapy Plus, Session.

Eco-Therapy:  Healing Ourselves; (Our Spirit, Mind & Body) and Mother Earth. A Personalized & Individual, small or large group ecologically based Spiritual Guidance and Counseling session provided by R.J. DeNardo; a Certified Hospital/Medical and Non-denominational Religious Chaplain, Shamanist and longtime & dedicated Taoist Follower.  A 45-60-minute  session is: $45.00 - $60.00.

Reiki: is an ancient Japanese word meaning, universal life energy. Ron's particular style-form of Reiki-Sage is a sensual,, noninvasive and therapeutic method of hands on healing that taps into the Universal Life Force energy that addresses both acute and chronic conditions; gently, and powerfully promoting balance (Homeostasis), among all of the body’s systems and the natural regenerative and stress relieving processes of one’s Spirit, Mind and Body. A 30-60 minute full body Reiki Massage is: $40.00 -$60.00.

Ron’s  Extramundane Massage Therapy Session is: a 50-55 minute, whole body, functional, integrational & deep tissue combination therapy. Each session is a customized form of wholistic (Body, Mind & Spirit) growth, expansion, self-healing, well-being, stress releasing therapy. Sessions include up to 2, of Ron’s other Wholistic therapies & or adjunct modalities, such as a brief Acupressure, Light, Vibrational and Energy-work combo session. The Suggested donation for this wholistic therapy session is a mere: $60.00.

Neuro-Muscular/Trigger Point Therapy: is a specific area type of deep-tissue bodywork, designed to relieve sensitive tender and painful trigger points, relax connective tissue (fascia), realign and heal injured tissue, aid in lymph drainage and restore the natural balance and flow of the body’s bio-electro magnetic energy system. A 45 minute, precise area session is: $55.00.

Neuro-Muscular Trigger-Point Therapy

Noaz-Ark Pet Therapy: A Reiki-like Restorative and Medical Intuitive, Wholistic and Energy-Work Therapy session for all Pets/Animals that may have been aboard Noah’s Ark!  A 30-minute  session is: $40.00

Noaz-ark Pet Therapy

Water & Energy Dowsing, Smudging and Divining. Guaranteed services include: either finding Water and or thoroughly clearing out of one's home, possessions, Auric & Physical bodies of Negative,/Dark Stuck Energy: Sha Qi using either a single Divining Rod, Native American or other Indigenous Shamanic-like Smudging Techniques. A 30-60-minute session is: $45.00 to $65.00.