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A Brief Bio About Ronald J. DeNardo

Ronald James DeNardo is first and foremost a Pantheist, as well as a Highly Gifted Empath, Vibrational Energy Medicine Healer, Medical Intuitive, Wholistic Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, 3rd. Level Reiki and a Dowsing & Divining Practitioner. Ron is also a Professional in-home Caregiver, Yogaerobicise and Tibetan Chi-Kung Instructor, a Drug and Alcohol Detox-Rehabilitatator, Holistic Exercise Class, Workshop Instructor and Facilitator; Inter-Faith Spiritual Counselor, in and including a Non-Denominational Healthcare Chaplain and an Intuitive Tarot Card/Enchanted Spell-Board, Reader.

Ron is also a staunch believer in volunteerism. He’s volunteered his free time and worked regularly doing Chair Massage and Holistic, full-body Massage, Reiki, Reflexology and Energy-work through AID Atlanta, The AIDS Survival Project, The United Way, The American Cancer Society, Desert AIDS Project, Desert Pride Community Center as well at other charitable organizations, since 1987.

Ron is also an internationally known, published and award-winning Author/Novelist. His latest Novel entitled: Out of Chaos Comes Hope is Ron’s third novel, which is the last in the trilogy to his first and second novel, The Andromeda Incident and The Captain’s Propensity. Ron. is currently in the process of adapting, all three of his Sci-Fi Fantasy novels into Graphic Novels, Comic Books and hopefully soon as either as television mini-series and or a full-length motion picture. Ron, is also a professional wholistic therapist, photographer and graphic designer who works in Palm Springs, CA; Savannah, Georgia and Key West, FL.


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